Elena Besozzi (a cura di), Navigare tra formazione e lavoro, Carocci Editore, Roma 1998

Over the past fifty years, the pattern of self-realisation, the so-called ‘achievement’ pattern – seems to have deeply changed, as a consequence of the changes in economy, culture and individual life styles. The transition from education to the job market is one of the most significant indicators of this change: there is not a linear passage between education and work, but a discontinuity all the life long. The essay explores this complex relationship connected to the recent social changes: first, it examines some theoretical contributions by sociologist of education and sociologist of work (concerning the lifelong learning, the models to combine study and work, the assessment of vocational and educational training); secondly, it presents some significant experiences (as learning on the job, work experience in enterprise, etc.). The essays stress the different aspects of this process, describing and supporting the theoretical approaches with some interesting research data.
Key-words:Transition, job market, qualification, discontinuty, vocational education and training