AA.VV., Bambini extracomunitari a scuola: un modello di integrazione possibile, numero monografico di DSU, Rivista del Dipartimento di scienza dei processi conosciutivi, culturali e della comunicazione, Università di Genova, II 3, 1998

Bambini extracomunitari a scuola: un modello di integrazione possibile raises from a second research on local educational policies towards immigrant in several Italian cities. The research stresses the transition from emergency policies to structural policies; local authorities play a crucial role in coping with migration settlement and have positively sustained the dynamic of migration and youth education in urban contexts. Effective policies have some common elements, utilising a network approach, involving several actors, both public and private, as local authorities, local educational bodies, non profit associations. The research emphasizes the centrality of a general legal framework in which education appears as a public good, disposable for everybody, with no discrimination based on legal or illegal status.