M. Ambrosini (ed.), A future to be trained. Toward a new vocational training system: tendences, evaluations and proposals, La Scuola, Brescia, 2000

This book analyses the changes in progress in the Italian vocational training system, individualising the main tendencies, unfinished aspects, desirable transformations.
The main idea is that, for different reasons, the Italian vocational training system is involving new users, developing relationships with enterprises, increasing a more flexible and personalized didactics, starting new services for individual demand (vocational guidance, skills evaluation, support toward job inclusion). In the meanwhile, the inner organisation of the vocational institutions is becoming more articulated, with the development of new roles and technical skills.
The Italian vocational training system is overcoming the traditional image of “second choice school”, not much qualified and destined to those young people not able to start a high school programme.