L. Benadusi, R.Serpieri (a cura di.), Organizzare la scuola dell’autonomia, Carocci, Roma, 2000.

This book moves from the recent Italian educational reform based on the principle of schools institutional autonomy that is introducing some important changes within the traditionally centralised system of school administration. Edited by two sociologists of education – L. Benadusi and R. Serpieri – it collects several writings from other sociologists, economists and lawyers who deal with some crucial issues connected to the decentralisation policy: the curriculum development, the new roles and competencies needed for leaders and teachers, the quality improvement and the management control. Also the controversial question of the application of quasi-market models to educational systems is discussed and the theoretical debate on schools as organisations is critically reviewed. In their introduction the editors argue against the existent tendency to mechanically transfer concepts and techniques drawn from management sciences into the educational domain and claim for a neo-professional approach to school organising.
Key-words: Autonomy, educational policy, school organisation, quasi-market, neoprofessionalism