M. Colombo, Scuole e comunità locali. Un’introduzione sociologica, Carocci, Roma, 2001

This book is a sociological attempt to analyse the schools as educational organisations strictly connected to their territory. The hypothesis is that in the schools system both the globalisation processes and the growing needs of specific identities ask for a community based management: as a matter of fact, it seems that the social legitimacy of educational institutions is connected to the way they are coping with the characteristics of the local demand in terms of programs, resource supply, timing and organisation of spaces. School is presented as an institution, as a service and as a community in itself. Local community is analysed as a learning community, as a care community and as a local society, creating its own knowledge and relations system. In the final part of the book some formal and informal patterns of school-community interaction are presented: the partnership with the economic stakeholders, the local connection planning, and the community education programs, realised through a network of schools, local authorities and associations..
Key-words: Educational organisation, school, community, local identity, partnership