C. Catarsi, Competenza e Capacità. Doppio movimento di socializzazione, Milano, Angeli, , 2001.

In the modern free market, technical innovations immediately produce ambivalent consequences: the emergence of some professions and roles is connected with the obsolete decline. The effects of this process are evident in community relations, as to the emergence and the decline of the requested habitus of knowledge and skill. Assuming the concept of “competence” as synonymous of emergent habitus – and the concept of “capability” as synonymous of traditional ( substratum habitus) – , the author describes and explains some typical “double movements” of socialisation. The theoretic base exposition, centred on recent issues of the sociological tradition (Archer, Barnes, Boltanski) and Amartya Sen’s propositions, is followed by a pertinent account of an action-research three-cornered, whose actors are – within the Tuscany regional context – the University of Florence, the regional authority and a qualified cluster of concerns.
Key-words: Professions, competence, skills, habitus, knowledge