Luisa Ribolzi (a cura di) Formare gli insegnanti: lineamenti di sociologia, Carocci, Roma 2002

This book introduces to the students in the faculties of Education the main themes and problems of the sociology of education, related to their job in the schools. The first section outlines the educational framework in the complex society (Towards a definition of the sociology of education, by Luisa Ribolzi, and Socialisation in the modern society, by Elena Besozzi); the second section, is about recent themes and problems (papers by Maccarini, Mancuso, Moro and Ottaviano on youth culture, media education, multicultural education and new trends of work qualification); the third section exemplifies some school’s changes (papers by Barattini, Ceccatelli, Fischer, Queirolo, Ribolzi on organisational changes, teachers role, parental choice, career guidance, failures and drop outs ). The book is an assembled work of a number of Italian sociologists of education, and gives a first view of their research.
Key-words: Teachers education, sociology of education, socialisation, school change